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Audio Recording of the New Testament in English

Alberto Rossa, cmf - Fri, Nov 30th 2012

A MEDITATIVE READING slow enough to meditate and pray with the text.
We thank, PAUL GINIVAN an Australian friend, who spent months doing this recording and we are also pleased to offer it for free.

You can DOWNLOAD for FREE - complete books of the New Testament audio or just a chapter. 

This Catholic Bible recording  is done 

in order to help the faithful 

to love the Word of God better. 

We owe this work to our friend 

from Australia, Paul Ginivan . 

We would appreciate a prayer 

as he is battling a cancer.



Audio Recording of the New Testament in English Claretian Publications, Macau comes online with free audio recording of the New Testament (English) from our own Christian Community Bible.

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sGMNdfhlzkENiBo sGMNdfhlzkENiBo
on 20/2/13
The timing might be a bit risky, but the best hope for the frtuue of the Church in Ireland is to set out for the deep waters, duc in altum as JP II urged us (or maybe onwards and upwards is a better metaphor). If the Church sits still and does nothing, then nothing will come of nothing, so hopefully the Eucharistic Congress will not be a lost opportunity or another PR disaster. A vibrant faith and participation in the Eucharist must be part of the solution to the problems facing the Irish Church.
Q66bf23gFu4 Q66bf23gFu4
on 9/10/14
Thank you for this Jason, its outstanding work as usual and it's so refreshing to see a real time video for a change rather than the ever popular speed painting videos. Gives us a chance to see how you work.
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