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Final days of Jesus' life to be performed in St Neots

Andrew Dickens - Mon, May 20th 2013

St Neots Town Council have lent their support to a Passion Play to be performed in the town in 2015.

More than 1,000 people are expected to watch the crucifixion of Jesus in St Neots Market Square when the town’s second ever Passion Play is performed on Easter Sunday - in 2015.


St Neots Christian Performing Arts (CPA) have this week revealed outline plans to produce and perform the final days of Jesus’ life on April 5 - in two years’ time.


The performance - estimated to cost £10,000 - follows the town’s first ever Passion Play, which was held in 2010.


Onlookers will be able to follow a series of scenes from the Easter story, beginning with Jesus’ Triumphal Entry over the Town Bridge and ending with his miraculous resurrection in the Riverside Park.


St Neots Town Council have lent their support to the project and are expected to help with road closures, the use of electricity and car parks.


Mayor of St Neots Cllr Barry Chapman said: “The first St Neots Passion Play performance was a wonderful success and we are very glad to have the opportunity to support and assist the CPA in staging this event in 2015.”


The Passion Play is expected to begin at 2.15pm and finish at 4.45pm.


The scene order will be: The Triumphal Entry over the Town Bridge and into the Market Square; The Last Supper in St Neots Library car park; The Arrest of Jesus in St Anselm’s Place by the river; The Trial of Jesus at the library car park; The Crucifixion of Jesus in the Market Square and his resurrection in the Riverside Park.


The performance will include dancing and music from churches around the town as well as from St Neots Players, Vamps, community groups and schools.


Detailed plans for the production are expected to be discussed and announced this autumn.


A project team will be set up by CPA to oversee the production.

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