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God the Shoemaker and Jesus the Cobbler

Angela McGhin - Fri, Mar 8th 2013



Everyday we walk and sometimes run to where we are going.
Everyday we put on a pair of shoes that we love to wear no matter
what we're doing.

The shoes give us comfort and help carry our weight.
We feel good when the shoes form to our feet and take the
stress off our bodies and keep us from the pain and aches.

Eventually the shoes wear down and become old and raggedy,
just like us. We become worn down and tired from everyday life,
and especially from tragedies.

After a time, we decide the value of the shoes.
Should we throw them away or have a cobbler make them
whole and once again new;
Just as people begin to judge our value,
because of the toll life has taken on our body and spirit,
and decide to keep us or throw us away.

Thank God that He never lost His faith.
God knows our spirits and bodies grow tired and
eventually breakdown from challenges every day.

He knows that by choice, sometimes we stray.
God sent Jesus down as the Master Cobbler to take us apart.
Jesus throws away the old and gives us a fresh new start.

Jesus skilfully rebuilds our body, spirit, and replenishes our strength.
Just as a cobbler replaces the welt, padding, sole and heel,
Jesus renews our faith and hope.

Just as the cobbler shines and polishes the shoes
Jesus shows us that we are still loved and needed.

Just as the cobbler makes the shoes feel comfortable
to our feet when he is finished,
Jesus shows that, with His love we can always be restored
and given a second chance.

God showed us He made us in His glory, and that even when
people want to toss us away as worn or ragged waste,
With Jesus in our hearts, we should never lose faith.


Dimitri Jagodinski

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