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Hunger for Life

Jean Houston - Thu, Apr 24th 2014

The world has been re-arranged, the reset button of history has been hit. Many are called to take initiatives that before would have seemed unlikely, if not downright impossible, including the rethinking of the reality of the Intelligence that underlies the universe…. In this, we are present at the birth of an opportunity that exceeds our imagination – the 13.7 billion year experiment that could result in our lives coming to end within the century….

Today, many feel the need to release inadequate ideas of God so that we can all move forward. To become atheistic and skeptical at a time of so much opportunity is one way to respond to our dilemma, but then we forget that religion and spirituality are also about the quest for meaning, transcendence, seeing the interrelatedness between things, compassion, goodness, laughter, and the great Pattern that connects all things with each other as well as ways to live kindly with the suffering that is an inescapable part of the human condition.

The complexity of the present world is shattering expectations in every arena, most especially, in the geography of the soul. Lost as we all are, we can understand why some retreat into fundamentalisms that provide archaic certainties, holding houses of containment before the onrush of new realities. Others wander in a spiritual void, overwhelmed by the loss of all pattern, looking to material accomplishments to replace the loss of essence. Still others flee into “replacement strategies” – psychotherapy, drugs, sex, growth seminars, travel. In each case, mind and body are at the end of their tether, swung out into vertigo over the abyss of Being. And yet the yearning for personal experience of the divine reality has never been greater….

Finally, we are that crossroads between biology and cosmology. We are called to explore the mystery itself as an interface between engagement with external realities and embrace of the inner journey. This brings us to a place of contemplative practice, and the vital synergy between inner and outer realities necessary to transform self, institutions, paths of possibility, as well as visionary endeavors. And in so doing, unleash the human spirit of those who compose the institution or endeavor and of those who are served by this.

It is an activity of extraordinary balance, a tension in repose. It is about a zone in which paradox occurs. It is a space where the sacred emerges and the local self disappears. It is a space of exquisite silence and of extraordinary service. It is a space wherein there is a fusing and blending of silence and service. In such a state one has access to the creative, world making place where one’s unique entelechy (the essential self) meets the Entelechy of a potential new time, one that gives the details of an evolution in person and society.

From “The ‘Future of God’ Debate” Huffington Post (2010)

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