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Shari Eppel - Thu, Oct 20th 2011



 LIBYA 2011       Poem by SHARI EPPEL


Gadaffi furls and unfurls his umbrella

a giant albino bat's wing

in the desert

where it never rains

but tonight

bombs hail down from the sky

shredding pale flesh to lace

red tear drops splatter

in the desert's face

in this frail fight for freedom

where people scream unheard into radio silence

and hospitals try to contain the pain.

Tell the world, the crying doctor implores,

he is killing the innocent

we who want peace, only peace

and outside it storms, it storms

bullets thunder and flash

fires glow as buildings fall

Can you hear it, can you hear ?

Ash blows, and bodies are laid below.

The madman flails his fists

rails at the 'dogs' of truth

declares his joy at being still here

where pain rains down

and the world can only gaze in awe

offering as little hope

as a white silk umbrella

to those who wring their hands at the skies.

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