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Now that there is silence

Anawin - Mon, Apr 18th 2011

Now that there is silence  
by Anawin

 I will accept the splinter
 only if it originates from your Cross.
 It will remain for me
 to walk through the blood.
 which pours from your coherence.
 My feet will not mind the dust
 if I am walking in your tracks.

Shreds of my heart will remain
attached to the poor You gave me.
Now I am not afraid
For You, of all, were already compromised
by the Cross, splinter, blood,
hazardous path and broken heart.

In short, I accept You
And all your 'baggage'
You who accepted me from the start
when I hurt You so much .......

Salvator mundi, Salva nos 
Saviour of the world, save us.

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