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OOBERFUSE band has produced a song to expose the racist prejudices

CathNews - Wed, Oct 26th 2011

POPE Benedict XVI’s chosen British/Filipino electropop band, OOBERFUSE has produced a song to expose the racist prejudices of a leading fashion celebrity designer.

The band has released a song and music video inspired by top London-based jewelry designer, Lara Bohinc’s, recent tasteless comment when Kate Moss asked her for a free belt: “Are you sure she’ll be wearing it?’ I didn’t want to see it on her Filipina maid.”

Vocalist Cherrie Anderson says: “Lara Bohinc’s uncool statement has inspired us to write this song. When I read the article about her, I thought – did she really say that? I was born in the Philippines and I am proud to be both British and Filipino. Our song ‘Maid in the Philippines’ uses humor and music so that loads more people hear about this true story.”

Musician Hal St. John adds: “Lara Bohinc’s statement has caused justified outrage amongst Filipinos and other people. Why did Ms. Bohinc feel it necessary to comment on the ethnicity of Kate Moss’ maid? These kind of hidden prejudices ferment social division and reinforce racial stereotypes. How can they be appropriate in a cosmopolitan society like London.”

Check out ‘I Didn’t Want to See It.”

Ooberfuse won the World Youth Day 2011 global song contest Madrid Me Encanta this summer and went on to play in front of two million young people at World Youth Day in Madrid. For more information see: 

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on 20/2/13
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