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Organizers of a Christian summer camp detained in China

UCANews - Fri, Sep 16th 2016

Children from East Anglia enjoy a Summer Camp full of Faith, Friendship, Fun and Food.
A Summer Camp like this would not be possible in China.

Organizers of a Christian summer camp detained in China. Police charge two women with 'indoctrinating minors with superstitious beliefs' September 15, 2016

Chinese authorities arrested and detained two women for more than a week in August for organizing a Christian summer camp for children in China's northwest.

Zhou Yanhua and Gao Ming, both members of Yining County Church, were charged by police with "indoctrinating minors with superstitious beliefs," reported China Aid.

They were arrested as they prepared to drive a group of children on Aug. 4 to the camp in the Xinjiang Uyghur Autonomous Region.

Chinese law prohibits religious education to anybody under the age of 18. The communist regime sees "matters of faith to be dangerous brainwashing from which children must be protected," reports the U.S.-based rights organization.  

Gao, a seminary student at government-sanctioned Yanjing Theological Seminary, was detained for 15 days while Zhou was held for 10 days.

The children were taken to a police station where they had to register their identification. China Aid said that officials additionally called the children's families and schoolteachers, threatening to deduct the teachers' wages and hamper the children's education prospects by not allowing them to advance in their grades.

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