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Saint Joseph: a love story

Enrique Martinez, CMF - Wed, Mar 18th 2015

The name "Joseph”, of Hebrew origin, means two things at the same time: "God will provide, God is in charge, is aware of our situation." And also "the one who removes the shame, humiliation '.

The true story of Joseph of Nazareth begins with love. He falls in love with a wonderful, the prettiest girl in town and its surroundings -the most beautiful in the world, we would say-.

What to do for her to fall in love for him? That she will look to his eyes sometimes?  José knows very well that he does not deserve her, but he loves her with a love that seems not to come from him, a love beyond his heart, It is like if a fire from heaven has caught him.

The girl is still young and has a beautiful name: Mary. They say it's an Egyptian name that means "beloved". How right her parents Joachim and Anne had chosen her name.

Joseph is not willing to let anyone take her away from him. He will fight for her, wait as long as it takes. Mary began to look at Joseph when he tried every evening to cross in her way. And she began to grow fond of him, he was such a good person and such a nice guy. And she began to fall in love with Joseph with and growing in love day by day.

It was like a godsend love; a gift from on high. Yes: Joseph was a gift from heaven for Mary; and especially Mary was a gift from heaven for Joseph. When Joseph knew of Mary's love- he had read it in her eyes-, He could not contain his excitement and joy. He never tired got tired of giving thanks to God. He felt the luckiest of men.


It turns out that Mary had to be away. A trip that he did not fully understand, In part because she didn’t give many explanations. She had to visit an elderly relative who was expecting a child. The absence was hard and long for Joseph: Ninety, ninety days and nights, thinking of her. And finally returns his gorgeous girlfriend, but pregnant.


You can understand that his whole world crumbled. He felt like a knife that had pierced his heart. God asked him to sacrifice what he loved most: his love.

Joseph was a "just" man, Matthew tells. As was Abraham, and the parents of the Baptist. Meaning to say: A man who deeply respects God. If God had decided to have her, who was he to interfere? He could not put "objections" to God's plans. So he decided to retire quietly, not to put her in evidence.

Joseph could not imagine that God had also decided to have him. Yes: he was a descendant of King David, but of little importance. He had nothing to offer but his carpenter worn hands and a small workshop. He did not know that God often chooses the small, simple, good, what does not count.

He had not thought that his big heart, his goodness and nobility were needed by God. He thought he was dreaming when God let him know he needed more than ever to take care of Mary and the child that the Spirit had begotten in her womb.

What an imagination God has! HE will move to a worker’s house. That he would name him, and would have to teach him to say "Abba", to pray, to work, to read the Scriptures, to accompany him to the synagogue... And watch for anything that might need his beloved Mary.

There was now no difficulty in taking her home, To take home the two best creatures that have ever lived in this world. He had become the luckiest man, he was in love with the blessed among women, the 'favourite' woman of God. 

That’s great, he is a Saint! Because he knows a lot about pure love: he really is the patron saint of lovers. He also knows a lot about vocation: If God changes our plans is to make us great works, is to help us make our lives worthwhile.


And, given its name, he is the best model for parents, especially for parents who are suffering. "God is in charge, God cares, is aware of our situation." And all parents, as the good Joseph, will seek that when their children grow up, they will be good people spending This life doing good and that answering to God’s calling they will build up a family of brothers and sisters.


May Joseph and Mary help us to trust God and give Him always our YES

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