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St.Hugh of Lincon

angelasentit - Fri, Oct 19th 2012


Now, here's a good video you might enjoy about Saint Hugh of

Lincoln, who is neglected in so far as not being well known in the

Church calender. His Feast Day is November 17th, and as we are

now in the Year of Faith, perhaps this is a good time to tell people

about the life stories of our early saints like Saint Hugh of Lincoln.

I see that the church on the front of your card is Saint Ignatius.


Would you like me to look for interesting videos about these saints

for GodGossip ? I realise, of course, that you may not approve of

everything that is said by these commentators, but these learned

professors talking about St. Hugh certainly seem to agree

that he was a remakable saint, so I don't know why we've not heard

more about him from our own Bishops.

What a fantastic tour you have had. Thanks again and hope you

enjoy this video

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