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The BBC and the secular media - Ignoring the killing of Christians worldwide

Stefano Mazzeo - Catholics and the Media - Sat, Aug 17th 2013

BBC - Ignoring the Killing of Christians

When Catholics look to the saints for inspiration they often see the holy Martyrs of the Roman and the Reformation eras as being a particularly rich source of witness. But what many fail to realise is that today, in the 21st century, there are more Christians (and in particular Catholic) Martyrs than ever before. Why then is there not a national outcry? The simple reason is that the media and – yes, in particular the BBC - will not report on Christians and especially Catholics getting killed for their faith. What does get occasionally reported is just the very tip of a holocaust of Catholic martyrdom in many countries. The BBC of course would rather make another documentary on child abuse, and given that there have been about 37 historical cases by Catholic priests the BBC must have made at least one documentary (or two) on each one. And yet Catholic priests, bishops and sisters are getting slaughtered on a regular basis in many countries. Surely this warrants at least one documentary by the BBC? But no; this would have the wrong effect as far as the BBC is concerned, whose aim is solely to create an atmosphere of anti-Catholic hatred. They can’t be making programmes that might cause a little bit of sympathy for Catholic priests, could they?

       However, as Aid to the Church in Need has pointed out Christians and in particular Catholics are being murdered at an alarming rate. If they will not leave the countries of persecution, they are killed. Iraq before the 2003 invasion had 1.4 million Christians, the vast majority of them Chaldean Catholics. Today there are barely 150,000 and yet the continued persecution goes unreported by our national treasure the BBC. This persecution takes place mainly in Muslim countries but not exclusively. Christians are being killed. Catholics are bearing the brunt. Just recently a Catholic priest in Iraq was visited by local Muslim militants and ordered to close his church ‘or else’. The priest said ‘I cannot close a house of God’. A week or so later he and three of his deacons were driving on a pastoral mission and were ordered to pull over, where they were summarily executed in their car on the side of the road. Ordinary people are been told to convert to Islam ‘or else’. If they refuse, as most refuse, their houses are blown up in front of them.


The holocaust of Christians, (100,000 killed during the last year).

Often the BBC wheel out a useful Catholic idiot to say how he thinks Pope Pius XII did nothing to help the Jews during the WWII, contrary to all the evidence, for this great Pope did more to help Jews than any other person during the war. See the latest film by EWTN ‘Under the Roman Sky’. But what is the BBC doing to help Christians today who are suffering at the hands of Islam – absolutely nothing! 100,000 Christians have been killed over the last year and yet this barely warrants a news item. Pakistan, Nigeria and Syria are places of particular concern; the rebels of Syria, which the European and British governments including the BBC support, are among the greatest killers of Christians. According to Aid to the Church in Need, the Damascus based Greek Catholic Patriarch Gregory III Laham of Antioch said ‘We cried aloud in prayers and supplication, like the father of a sick child calling out to the Lord Jesus Christ: “if thou canst do anything, have compassion on us and help us”’ (Mark 9:22). So who are the British Government and the BBC supporting – the rebels (although the BBC will claim to be impartial whilst ignoring the deaths of Christians and their news reports in our opinion in favour of the rebels). Egypt too is of particular concern – the BBC has immense power to help but what do they use all this media influence for? – to attack the Catholic Church and promote same sex marriage – disgusting! Support: Aid to the Church in Need, 12 -14 Benhill Ave, Sutton, Surrey SM1 4DA.



Egyptian riots - are the BBC reporting on Muslim Brotherhood killing Christians and burning churches?


Actually the BBC are completely ignoring the killing of Christians in Egypt. We say BBC are culpable and complicit by their non reporting of the killing of Christians and the burning of many churches in Egypt. Just like elsewhere in the Muslim world Christians are the main targets but the British media will not report it. Even the monastery of the Virgin Mary in Deir Mawas has been burnt even a cathedral has been destroyed. But what are the BBC interested in? – More sex abuse scandals in the Catholic Church? Yes you guessed it even though as our Prayer Crusader under the patronage of St Gerard wrote in his Scapegoating Catholicism article, Catholic priests make up only 0.1% of sex abuse crimes yet get 45% of BBC’s sex abuse coverage. At the same Christians are being killed by their thousands in Muslim countries. Why on earth do Christians still pay the licence fee?


Our Crusader has been in a long discussion with the BBC over his research into anti-Catholic bias at the Corporation but has drawn a blank - the BBC establishment appears to be covering up and denying this evidence just like they covered up and supported their own child abusers.

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