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THE THRONE - Queen Elizabeth II Coronation

Ann Duffy - Tue, Jun 4th 2013




The crown translates a woman to a Queen

endless gold, circling itself, an O like a well,

fathomless, for the years to drown in - history's bride,

anointed, blessed, for a crowning. One head alone

can know its weight, on throne, in pageantry,

and feel it still, in private space, when it's lifted :

not a hollow thing, but a measuring ; no halo,

treasure, but a valuing ; decades and duty. Time gifted,

the crown is old light, journeying from skulls of kings

to living Queen.

Its jewels glow, virtues, loyalty's ruby

blood-deep ; sapphire's ice resilience ; emerald evergreen ;

the shy pearl, humility. My whole life, whether it be long

or short, devoted to your service. Not lightly worn.


Carol Ann Duffy   CBE  FRSL  (b. 1955) Poet Laureate

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