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Use Lent to strive for holiness, says Archbishop of Westminster

Madeleine Teahan - Wed, Feb 22nd 2012


The Archbishop of Westminster has asked Catholics to remember their call to holiness during the period of Lent.


Speaking about the launch of a new faith-sharing Lenten booklet entitled, ‘Sparks of Light,’ Archbishop Vincent Nichols said: “My desire is that this faith-sharing resource will help you to see that ‘saintly’ living is as much for you as it has been for anyone, and that you will explore how in the seeming ordinariness of daily living you can be an effective agent, a spark of light, in the Church’s mission today.”


The booklet features a ‘roadmap to sainthood’ in order to aid self-examination among Catholics and explores the virtues of prudence, justice, fortitude and temperance, through the lives of the saints.


Small groups of Christians will meet in their homes and parish halls to use the resource, sharing their insights on the theme of holiness today.


The booklet will be used in parishes in the Diocese of Westminster as well as by the Diocese of Motherwell as a Lent resource. It is also being used by parishes in other parts of England and Scotland.


The booklet features, St Gianna Molla who died after refusing to give up her unborn child and St David Roldan-Lara, a young man who died by firing squad under the anti-Catholic Calles’ regime in 1920s Mexico.


Dr Mark Nash, editor of the booklet and team member at the Diocese of Westminster’s Agency for Evangelisation, said: “The team hope that many people will benefit from meeting in small groups to reflect and pray on the lives of four models for saintly living. Each one of the four models died in living memory and each typifies one of the human virtues: prudence, justice, fortitude and moderation. They are sources of inspiration for those trying to follow Jesus today.”

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