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Walking with Jesus in the Old City of Jerusalem

Angela McGhin - Mon, Feb 27th 2012


O Jesus, who for the love of me,

didst bear thy Cross to Calvary

in thy sweet mercy grant to me

to suffer and to die with thee.

 Morning is breaking as we set off on our walk, and a bird, a Raven perhaps, squawks in the morning air. For a few quiet minutes we hear, observe and imagine the Old City of Jerusalem as it might have been in Jesus' time. By mid-day we see all the hustle and bustle of the market and imagine the sweet smells of all the spices - henna, cumin and saffron. Let us imagine we are with Jesus as one of his Diciples, walking in the shadow of their Master.

Walk with me, O my Lord,

through the darkest night and brightest day.

Stay at my side, O Lord,

hold my hand and guide me on my way.

 Walking with Jesus in the Old City of Jerusalem

 It may not be safe to walk the streets of the Old City of Jerusalem at dawn or at dusk today, so it is very rewarding to be able to view such walks in this video.

The Via Dolorosa is part of a road between the Antonia Fortress and Golgotha, along which Jesus walked, bowed under the weight of his Cross. 

Every Friday, a procession walks the Via Dolorosa route, starting out at the Franciscan Monastery near the Zion Gate. The Franciscan Order has been entrusted by the Pope with the upkeep of all the Holy Land shrines since the 14th century.

It is by following the Way of the Cross that pilgrims have begun to understand what carrying the Cross was really like. Jesus walked through streets just like those of today, where men were about their work, women were carrying children, boys were playing games, all of which we see in the Jerusalem filmed here. 

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