Commentary on the Gospel of

Paul PeterAlphonse , cmf

It was possible for Moses to get the water and give it to the people of Israel who were thirsty not just because he struck the rock and then the water came out but rather it is because already the Presence of Yahweh was there. And in the New Testament, according to the evangelist St. John, Jesus Christ is “the living water” par excellence and Jesus´ petition to the Samaritan woman “give me a drink” expresses the passion of God for all humanity and his desire to create in our hearts the longingness for the gift of “spring of water welling up to a transformed life through conversion”. The personal encounter with Jesus Christ is very important to know who am I, who are others and who is God. This process is progressive and gradual which surely will lead us to proclaim that “He is the saviour of the world” like the Samaritans. Am I ready to undergo this process and get illuminated by the presence of Jesus Christ in my life?


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