Commentary on the Gospel of

Paul Peter Alphonse, cmf

God the Father doesn´t have boundaries and his love and mercy reaches everyone and everywhere. The people of Nazareth became indignant and rose up against Jesus only because he was enumerating the marvellous work that Yahveh had performed through the prophets Elijah and Elisha in the foreign land (Zarephath and Samaria) among the pagans. There is a tremendous change in the attitude of people within this chapter: in v.22 “All agreed with him and were wondering” and in v. 28 “the assembly is indignant and wanted to kill him”. The season of Lent is a golden opportunity for us to look inwards and see: Does my love have boundaries? Am I able to recognize the action of God in others including of those who are not of my colour, religion, nation, etc?


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