Commentary on the Gospel of

Paul Peter Alphonse, cmf

Daniel´s prayer is an example of an authentic desire to be in God´s kingdom. Yahveh doesn´t refuse a person who returns back to him with a contrite heart, humble spirit and reverential fear and with the heart of a seeker and not of a conqueror. In the Gospel Jesus makes reference to forgiveness as one of the attributes of God´s kingdom which is very much present in the Lord´s prayer “Our Father” (Mt 6:12; Mk 11:25; Lk 11:4). “The malkuth (means kingly rule in Aramaic) of God” connotes the fact that God reigns as King. If God reigns then the kingdom is the place of love, kindness and great compassion. Am I ready to forgive my brother completely? How difficult it is to forgive others…we pray to the Lord that he may give us His strength to forgive one another and to live together as brothers and sisters of One Father.


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