Commentary on the Gospel of

Fr.Bijoy Chandra Nayak, cmf

HOLY WEEK - MONDAY: John 12. 1-11

Jesus Christ had just revealed himself to be the Resurrection and the Life after raising Lazarus from death. In this episode we see Jesus dined in a home in Bethany, there is a supreme believer like Mary who loves the Lord with her whole being, sacrificing all that she is and has. Mary gave herself out of a heart of pure love for the Lord and expresses a repentant love who had complained Jesus of neglecting her family when He had not come sooner to the aid of her brother Lazarus. Here she is seen repenting of her sin as a result she expresses a sacrificial and costly love by anointing the feet of the Lord with an expensive oil or perfume. She also expresses a believing love and honoured her Lord as the Christ, the Anointed One.

Mary’s anointing was an act of love and faith in the Lord Jesus Christ. Being a young woman in a patriarchal society has shown her courage, confidence and hope in the Lord breaking the social barriers. At this juncture a question may arise in our minds and hearts; what do we do to show our love and faith to Christ in the midst of suffering and persecution? Imagine how difficult it was for Mary to do what she did in the presence of so many men. She set aside pride and embarrassment in order to demonstrate her love and faith in Jesus. How far are willing to go in order to show our love and faith?


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