Commentary on the Gospel of

Fr. Bijoy Chandra Nayak, cmf

HOLY WEEK TUESDAY: John 13. 21-33, 36-38

This is a clear picture of betrayal and apostasy, of a man who turns away from Jesus Christ to the world. It stands as a strong warning to every man who professes to follow Christ. In this passage we notice there is the heartbreak of betrayal, there is the prediction of betrayal, there is the last chance given to the betrayer and there is the warning against betrayal.

The chosen disciple Judas Iscariot has rejected Christ and his mission. As a result he was separated immediately and went out into the night and into the darkness of life (sin and death) and he loved money and power and finally died by hanging himself without Christ; whereas the death of Jesus Christ brought a threefold glory:
a. The Son of Man’s glory: the cross-the Salvation of the humankind
b. God’s Glory: Jesus’ obedience to the will of God
c. Jesus’ Glory: the Resurrection of Jesus Christ brings new life, new hope and new church or new Israel or new creation.

How many understand about the meaning or significance of the cross of Jesus Christ? Misunderstanding the cross and Jesus as the exalted Lord causes stumbling block and faltering faith.


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