Commentary on the Gospel of

Fr. Bijoy Chandra Nayak, cmf

HOLY WEEK - WEDNESDAY: Matthew 26. 14-25

In this passage Jesus is betrayed by Judas and the pictured of a ruined life is explained. Judas stands as a great warning to every person including the strongest believer. Judas was one of the twelve disciples chosen by Jesus Christ. He was a man with so much potential that he was chosen to serve with God’s very own Son during his earthly journey, but he failed and came ever so short. For this reason the passage has to be closely studied and heeded by all. 
Judas’ great potential and terrible tragedy teaches so much.
a. It is not ability, but availability that counts.
b. Gifts do not assure permanent success; Christ alone assures permanent (eternal) success.
c. Walking alone godly people does not assure salvation; allowing Christ to enter one’s heart and life is the only assurance of salvation.
d. Christ sees the potential of every person’s gifts. What is lacking is person’s seeing the necessity of Christ in the use of his gift.
Judas betrayed Jesus and committed sin because of his unbelief in Jesus. Jesus was not Lord to Judas. To Judas Jesus was only a man, a misguided and self-proclaimed messiah (Mt. 26. 14-16).


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