Commentary on the Gospel of


The message of the Gospel of Matthew points to the missionary life of the community: The disciple learns in his own experience that the experience of preaching, testimony and praxis of the kingdom is contradictory and it hides, like it or not, personal and community division. The first break is with the family; at various times blood ties are placed against the proclamation of the Kingdom. A true follower of Jesus needs to make radical renunciation of his life: With the wealth hoarder, with alienating family ties, with pre-established ideologies, with their own interests. In short, freedom and renunciation to all that prevent the Kingdom of God to be a reality. The Kingdom of God and the Gospel it proclaims is an event that transforms all personal and social structures. The early Christian communities had to radicalize the options of Jesus. We, today, as a human community are called to radicalize the options for life in dignity, peace with justice and a real cessation of violence and systematic death.


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