Commentary on the Gospel of


This passage has as background the whole structure of the lamentations and the oracles of the humanizers of the Word of God (the prophets) of Israel against the sinful cities, and summarizes the view of the Messiah on the people who did not accept his message of conversion to the Kingdom. Chorazin, Bethsaida and Capernaum had witnessed the manifestation of Jesus in their midst and of his posterior followers. However, yearning the past and self-sufficiency did not allowed to see the novelty of the message and of the preached Kingdom. The great danger of "Christian" communities who want to preserve the status quo of power, norms and static tradition has basically something to do with denying the novelty of the Gospel: An alternative community. If the reason for the shared discipleship is to serve the kingdom of God, the change of attitude towards their way, life style and practice of life should be the attitude of constant discernment. Conversion is a constant dynamic of every follower of Jesus.


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