Commentary on the Gospel of



Today's text is meaningful for understanding the magnitude of its power for the lives of the disciples. Jesus seems to reveal the divine wisdom to the impoverished of the world. The mission of the followers of Jesus has a countercultural result for the mentality of his time: The poor and ignorant have received the announcement and the Kingdom taking place in them. This passage has become one of the paradigmatic revelation of God to the disinherited of the world. Only the poor are able to understand God's plan. These, who were deprived of their liberty and in their life have not relied on the minimal elements of life with dignity, can understand that because they knew how to accept it with simplicity and trust. Undoubtedly, the fact that God has hidden these things from the wise and knowledgeable makes us realize that many heads and leaders of our people, and many of us, today believe we are owners of the revelation and are unable to recognize the action of God in the simplicity and conflict of life.


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