Commentary on the Gospel of



One of the highlights of the Gospel of Matthew is precisely this, the confirmation that makes the calling of Jesus as the Servant Israel, herald of good news to the weary and burdened. Jesus promises rest and peace, gifts that can only come from a deeper relationship with God. Jesus invites all the dejected and overwhelmed by exclusion and discrimination and proposes emancipation from the yoke that oppresses them and gives them his bearable yoke: the possibility that the poor follow him in freedom. This yoke inevitably requires, that the one who takes the path of discipleship, personal honesty, dialogue and tolerance. Basically, the Kingdom that Jesus proclaims with this inversion of values and attitudes goes against the prevailing mentality based on a new proposal: In which social relations are based on the practice of justice and brotherhood; that defend and dignify life in all its forms. The basic rule is the following and witnessing in freedom. 


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