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ONCE again Jesus tries to tell the disciples what awaits him in Jerusalem: rejection, delivered unto death, being killed and raised again. They are deeply grieved. They cannot abide it, not even the thought of it. And they go back to Capernaum, home for them and Jesus asks Simon (his name when he doesn't follow Jesus first) about "who pays taxes or tributes to the kings of the earth: their sons or the other people? It is a strange question-aimed at Peter's lack of belief in Jesus as the Son of the Father, Lord of heaven and earth. He is told: "the sons are tax-free'. Peter, and we hardly understand what he is saying. He is told to go get the money and pay it because they aren't ready yet to declare that they belong to Jesus, to God alone. They are divided at heart and so their practice is half-hearted as well. Are we followers of the God Father of Jesus, even unto the cross and resurrection or are we still 'this people easily offended' and without understanding who pay the taxes and serve two gods: and so serve neither well.


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