Commentary on the Gospel of



WE turn today to John's gospel, the gospel of the beloved disciple, the one who will lay down their life for the strengthening of the faith of the community. Jesus is speaking of himself and his own suffering and death, but he is also speaking of all those who will come after him in the way of the cross, and laying down their lives, buried in the earth so that life and faith, and the presence of those who have loved will live forever. The blood of martyrs is the seed of Christians (Didache) and we celebrate Lawrence, a deacon who cared for the treasures of the church-the poor and refused to bow before the gods of Rome, dying and proclaiming the dignity and gift of love. If we are to serve Jesus, then we must lay down our lives daily in service, as practice, perhaps for the honor of laying down our lives literally in death. As we have lived, so we will die and rise with Jesus.


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