Commentary on the Gospel of


IN the light of this call to faithfulness, parents are bringing their children to Jesus for him to bless them. He lays his hands on them in prayer and the disciples who don't listen or hear very well are indignant, pushing them away and telling them to keep their children to themselves. And now it is Jesus' turn to be indignant-those we don't think deserve to have time apart with Jesus, closeness and intimacy: children, the poor, servants, slaves, the sick and the weak-all those who don't count in society-they are the ones he wants to touch, to bless and be with, unlike us. This is Jesus' way, not the way of the world or our way. Who do we think does not deserve to get near Jesus? Who do we hinder from the kingdom in our self-righteousness? Is Jesus indignant at us more often than not?


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