Commentary on the Gospel of



JESUS seeks to teach his disciples the hard realities of the kingdom: how hard it is for the rich to enter the kingdom. Hard as a camel, stripped down, pulled through the eye of a needle. Impossible!-nothing is impossible with God. Grace and the Spirit can call even the rich, the middle class, and the poor alike to give what is their excess, and even what they need to those who need it more-the poor of the earth. He encourages them to live beyond the present, unto the end of time when there will be judgment. If they share in his way of the cross then they will share in his glory and even in this life they will know the graciousness of God in community, in shared hope, courage, dwelling places, friends who are the friends of God, the presence of support and life everlasting. How little we believe in the goodness of our God and what he hopes for us-even now, even here!


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