Commentary on the Gospel of


JESUS has been arguing with the Sadducees who were insulting (they did not believe in resurrection) and the Pharisees come to him. One lawyer asks him the theological question that many discourses began with: Which is the most important law? And everyone knows what the answer is! Jesus answers with the Shema, the groundline prayer and statement of belief for the Jewish people: Love God with everything you have and then he adds on how that law is expressed: love your neighbor, love human beings with all the heart, soul, mind, strength (resources) that you proclaim belongs to God. All other words, scriptures, law, theology rest on these. It is still the foundation of everything Jesus teaches but he has added something unbelievable-his way of loving. And so now we are to love God and everyone, including our enemies who come to test us as he has loved us and loved his beloved Father God. Everything comes down to this. How do we love?


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