Commentary on the Gospel of


JESUS attacks those who have sought so insistently to contradict him and interrupt him as he preaches the good news to the poor, and seeks to heal the sick and those condemned by the lawyers and leaders of the Jewish community. And he is devastating in his condemnation of them. They forget (conveniently) the foundations of law-that binds and holds the community together, especially giving the poor and the weakest shelter, dignity and life-justice, mercy and faith. Instead of practicing these core-heart issues, they are interested in taxes, tithes, their own status, use and misuse of power. There is no mercy or justice in them. They are heartless, blind, self-absorbed and swallowing camels, keeping the mosquitoes out to torment others. We are horrified when we hear Jesus like this-angry. But does he have equally good reason to be angry at us-the good people of the parish?


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