Commentary on the Gospel of


TODAY we hear the story of how the first apostles were called in John's gospel and the apostle we remember today isn't even mentioned-he is just among the others. And they are called, not by name in John's gospel (only Philip) but by others who are caught and then go after another, passing on what they have found. And they are all finding something a bit different-but none of them actually find Jesus. In this very first chapter he tells them and us that we know nothing of who he is and who we belong to-one day though we will see the Son of Man coming in glory for judgment over heaven and earth. He is the crucified One, the suffering servant and the judge of the nations, no matter what we think he might be for us. Like all the apostles we must spend our lives relearning and stretching our heart and minds so that we can know more of our God in Jesus.


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