Commentary on the Gospel of

Anne McCarthy rscj


Tradition tells us that Mary was the child of Anne and Joachim, when Anne was well on in years so she was a precious child. There is never any mention of either parent being around to support Mary when she became pregnant, but we do know that she was related to Joseph who was descended from  the house of David ( Matthew 1:16) and Matthew goes on to tell us that Joseph adopted Jesus as his son.

Much has been written of Mary’s virtues, some based on scriptural evidence and some on supposition.  The following is part of a ‘Litany of Mary of Nazareth’ produced by Pax Christi, which gives a broad picture of Mary, as a woman of faith, of vision, of wisdom and understanding, of truth and hope, who was totally centred on God.   It is worthy of our reflection and meditation.                                                                                                    

Mary, model of:                                                                                
strength, of gentleness, of trust, of courage, of patience, of risk, of openness, of perseverance.

Mary, Mother of:                                                                                                              
the homeless, of the dying, of the non-violent, of a political prisoner, of the condemned, of the executed criminal, widowed mother, unwed mother.

Liberator of the oppressed, marginalised woman, comforter of the afflicted, sign of contradiction, breaker of bondage, political refugee, seeker of sanctuary, first disciple, sharer in Christ’s passion, seeker of God’s will, witness to the Resurrection.

                        Mary, Queen of Peace, Woman of Mercy, and Source of our Joy.


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