Commentary on the Gospel of

Fr. Jim Kennedy, cmf


How many times were we told as children, “Will you please listen to me?2. It means we should act upon what we hear. Listening means acting. It also means that our wills are changed. Peter, James and John hear the Father ask them to listen to Jesus. They were confused and afraid but this did not keep them from listening to  and following Jesus .The apostles not only witnessed the Transfiguration of Jesus; they themselves underwent a transfiguration.  They heard the Father announce Jesus’ identity and the clear terms  of their own discipleship.

Lent is a time of transfiguration as we are changed when we take the time to listen to what God is saying to us through Jesus. This kind of listening leads  to acting as faithful disciples. What changes need to occur in us so that we grasp the clear terms of our own discipleship? What change needs to occur in us so that we truly listen?


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