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Jesus was now a hunted man.  His time was short, and all must have been aware of it, particularly Mary the sister of Martha and Lazarus.  The extravagance of her loving gesture is indeed remembered for all time, as Jesus said it would be.  The jar of perfume she poured out on his feet was worth 300 denarii, or worth about a year’s wages at that time.  It was love’s extravagance, in sharpest contrast to Judas’ calculation.  These are the two main roads:  love and money.  Love gives itself now, but money is for the future (you could not live now on money but on what can be bought later on with money).  The gospel is always challenging us to live now, to give now, to love now.  Now is the only real time.  As each future moment comes it is suddenly transformed into now; in a sense there is no future.


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