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John (or rather the Johannine school) places himself as near to Jesus as he places Judas away.  Such dualism is characteristic of John’s gospel:  light/darkness, above/below, etc.  John is “reclining near Jesus,” whispering to him but Judas goes out, and “it was night.”  But notice that there are two betrayers in this reading; the other is Peter.  But Peter had the courage (or perhaps the opposite) to wait for forgiveness; and he was forgiven.  Tragically, Judas didn’t wait; he too would have been forgiven.  If he was just greedy for money, he should have been happy; but he was plunged into despair; he must have had some plan that went wrong—some plan to speed things up.  It was typical of him, then, not to wait.  In a tragic twisted way he died for his Master. Without doubt, God the Father, slow to anger and rich in mercy, took pity on him.


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