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Jesus was utterly defeated.  He was a man of immense gifts.  He had the will and the way to bring about some radical changes.  He chose a dozen helpers, but they were uneducated men apparently all suited to the task, and when the pressure was on, they buckled.  He ended up quite alone, a victim of the politicians and power groups whose noses he had tweaked a few times too often.  They got him crucified.  That was the end of that.  A pity, rally, the whole thing… he had such talent…

The Resurrection is the most resounding “But” of all time.  When all the usual calculations of expediency and plain common sense have been completed, when the wisdom of the Greeks has had its say, God’s “But” resounds through the ages.  Evil has not been victorious; from the worst that human beings can do came the most glorious of all God’s works.  We are not free to be pessimists; that would be a denial of the Resurrection, an apostasy from the Faith we profess.


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