Commentary on the Gospel of

Ff. Alex Gobrin, cmf


July 15. 15th SUNDAY of the ORDINARY TIME

After hearing and accepting the challenge of discipleship, now the disciples are sent to mission. The disciples are now called to a more active part of following Jesus: to proclaim his message. After seemingly short formative process with Jesus, they are now sent to create and live a new humanity under God’s kingship.

The instructions of Jesus are short, direct and concrete. It could not be confused with many other things: less baggage, only walking stick and sandals. These images remind us of concepts like journeying, mobility, itinerancy, etc…  This is very authentic to Jesus: itinerant and with less baggage. He moved around and had nowhere to lay his head. So too his disciples should be.

There seems to be a meaningful connection between minimum baggage and maximum itinerancy, hence higher efficiency in missioning. The less we bring, the more we are able to move; the less we carry, the less we are tired; and when we are able to move better, the more we are open to surprises.

In or mission to be instruments of God’s presence to others and to proclaim God’s liberating options for justice, love, and authentic humanity, what we need is a truly “less burdened heart”, a free soul and authentic spirit. These are the challenges we have to work constantly so to do a good mission and be true to the person of Jesus.


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