Commentary on the Gospel of

Fr. JCR Garcia Paredes


REFLECTION - LECTIO DIVINA   -  19th Sunday in Ordinary Time


• John 6:41–51: In his teachings Jesus gives guidance for ordinary life. He follows the Jewish tradition from the Wisdom books of the Old Testament. Jesus goes beyond the references to Exodus. His teachings will give life.


• Too often Read •ers think immediately of the Eucharist when Read •ing this section of the gospel. Think rather of the teachings of Jesus that give eternal life when people respond in faith. Christianity is a good way to live, for it offers helps in daily life.


• In your prayer, ask the Lord to give you guidance for daily living. Pray in the morning for help in living your faith during that particular day.


• Let the New Testament be a guide to you. Pick one of the gospels and read it from start to end. See what the word of God is saying to you.


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