Commentary on the Gospel of

Fr. George Vayaliparampil, cmf


There is a beautiful explanation for today’s Gospel passage given by Origen, one of the fathers of the Church, one of Fathers the Church. He says ‘the man who was going down is Adam. Jerusalem is the Paradise, and Jericho is the world. The robbers are the hostile powers of this world. The priest is the Law, the Levite is the prophets, and the Good Samaritan is Christ. The wounds are disobedience; the beast is the Lord’s body, the inn which accepts all who wish to enter, is the Church. The manager of the inn is the head of the Church, to whom its care has been entrusted. And the fact that the Samaritan promises he will return represents the Saviour’s second coming.’ Let us imitate the Good Samaritan. 


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