Commentary on the Gospel of

Fr. George Vayaliparampil, cmf


“I have come to bring fire upon the earth and how I wish it were already kindled…” these are the words of Jesus to us. What does he mean by fire in this passage? Destruction and annihilation? No, he gives us the image of fire that purifies and burns that which is old and unholy, and that which gives warmth and fosters life. When we decide to purify our lives and to throw away that which makes our life cold and impure, those who were with us and still want to continue the same way of life, will turn away from us and we may become their enemies. The warmth and the heat of the love for God are unbearable if we want to live in sinfulness. So there is opposition for us. As we have decided to stand with God let us expect the contrary opinions but be strong in life so that we hold firm to him who has given us that fire. 


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