Commentary on the Gospel of

Fr. George Vayaliparampil, cmf


Jesus gives us the situation of a person being taken to the court for the judgment and tells us to get reconciled with the accuser before the final judgment is given. He uses this parable to mean our final judgment. One day we have to stand in front of the judgment seat of the Master. In order to avoid the punishment are we making use of the given time to get reconciled with God? Remember ‘once the master of the house has got up and locked the door, we can only stand outside…’ (Lk 13:25). Let us keep in mind that ‘... if He closes the door nobody can open it again…’ (Rev 3:7). Let us take this time as the grace period that is given to us to turn to God, to get reconciled with him. Let us do it while still there is time.


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