Commentary on the Gospel of

Sid Ching, cmf

As Jesus watched the people put their contributions to the temple treasury, he saw the widow who gave very little but nearly all she had. Today’s reading asks us to open our eyes and see how we have been and are as Church, where still a lot of “widows” come and generously give to our churches. 


A Claretian bishop, Jose Ma. Querexeta, felt such pain that he lived a very comfortable life in the church, sleeping in an airconditioned room, driving around in a car, and without anything to worry about what to eat or drink or wear. But all these came mostly from the poor, who do not have enough to eat or clean water to drink, who walk or take the public transport, suffering the heat in summer and the cold on cold nights. And still they generously give from the richness of their heart.

When we open our eyes, we see how far we have gone from our poor beginning as a community Jesus gathered around himself. Ours has become a rich church, which makes the words of Jesus meaningful and challenging. How can we be a generous “widow-church,” giving all that we have? 

The church’s preferential option for the poor is our response to this call, which Bishop Querexeta put into practice in his ministry to the people in an island in south Philippines. He became a “beggar-bishop” that the people of Basilan, Christian and non-Christian alike, might have decent housing, clean drinking water, and additional sources of livelihood. 

Like Bishop Querexeta, we too are called to follow the Good Shepherd in offering all that we have.


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