Commentary on the Gospel of

Sid Ching, cmf

News of natural calamities disconcert us. We worry every time we hear that there was an earthquake, or a tsunami, or a super typhoon somewhere, and we worry that the end of the world might indeed be near. But these natural disasters have been happening even before the earth became our world. These destructive forces are part of the nature of the world, but which are now made worse by the way we exploit nature. 



There are also other forces that seek the destruction of life, not from nature, but human-made, like human violence, oppression and injustice. Worse than natural disasters, these destructive forces seek to kill the human spirit and what is good in people. The coming of the Son of Man into the world brought the Good News of peace, compassion and justice that proclaimed the end of these forces of destruction. 


He was born into the world to show us how to live as children of God, in harmony with nature and with one another. He proclaimed that such is possible. The destructive forces at work in the world sought to stop his message of life that it put the Messenger to death. But life still triumphed in the end as Jesus rose from death.


Advent is the coming of Jesus. He will come again not to destroy life to bring life to its fullness, to bring the world God created back into the original intention of the Father. His first coming initiated the new world, which is now continued by us, as children of the Father, until he comes again.


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