Commentary on the Gospel of

Sid Ching, cmf


After so many years, our world basically remains the same: we have our leaders in government and in the church, and there are also those who are at the fringes, shouting and asking for change. In spite of the original intention to serve of those in power, power has something that envelopes those who exercise it to make them forget and become self-engrossed. Thus, the need for voices in the wilderness we call our society.


Let not the seeming hopelessness of the situation lead us to despair. God invites us to hope and rejoice. Nothing lasts forever for all things must change. The valleys of oppression and injustice will be filled even as the mountains of arrogance will be leveled. Have faith. 


But nothing will happen if we stay with our inaction. As Christians who follow the Lord, we have to lend our voice to that voice in the wilderness. May that small voice not be alone; may we echo it instead in our words and actions. Let us go back to the desert that we may rediscover our calling, and so return renewed with greater resolve to our baptismal commitment.  


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