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Sid Ching, cmf


As we greet each other “Merry Christmas” and exchange gifts, we often forget whose birthday it is we celebrate. Have we ever wondered why we give and receive gifts on this day when today is neither our birthday nor theirs? The next time you greet someone a “Merry Christmas” or give a Christmas gift, remember the “Christ” in Christmas, and say to that Baby born in Bethlehem two thousand and twelve years ago, “Happy birthday, Jesus.”


bro robert bro robert
on 25/12/12
You know why the church calls the Christmas period a CYCLE and not a CIRCLE?..Its because whereas both go round, unlike a circle which comes back to the very same starting point, a cycle goes round but to a point ahead it is progressive ..that’s what 25th Dec and the Solemnity of Nativity is repeats itself as a date but never as a life experience. Every time you celebrate a are never the same person the challenges you are facing notwithstanding. What a divine ingenuity !!!! it is for this reason that I want to thank the Lord for you as He is born again in your life experiences , in your joys and agonies, victories and defeats…he still surfaces and enthrones himself as the Lord of peace . And today I just pray that peace may prevail in lows and highs of the cycles » view comment
on 19/2/13
Thanks for the link and your comments, I agree with your take on the sioiatutn. It seems like the Pope is scared to confront the real issues the Church has; declining attendance, lack of Priests, rogue Priests, Nuns leaving or not enrolling, and declining revenues. Maybe he is trying to divert attention by talking about greedy capitalists.
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