Commentary on the Gospel of

Ken Reed-Bouley


This summer my family and I took an amazing vacation to Yellowstone and Grand Tetons National Parks. Aside from impressive geysers, awesome views of mountains, and bizarre geothermal landscapes of hot springs and bubbling paint pots, the big attraction for us was the wildlife.


One morning I awoke before sunrise, drove our rented RV to a promising outlook, and waited for the fog to lift in anticipation of wildlife sightings. As the fog slowly lifted, I learned the wildlife was already closer than I realized. A herd of hundreds of buffalo dotted the landscape and surrounded us. This vision was too good to keep to myself. I woke my family so they could see. Some things are too good not to share.


Pause to think of a time in your life when you encountered or learned something new that you wanted to share with those whom you love.


I believe this is at least in part what today's Gospel is about. John recognized Jesus as too good not share. He invited Andrew and another of his own disciples to get to know Jesus. Andrew followed Jesus, saw, understood, and could not wait to tell his brother, Simon/Cephas/Peter. John and Andrew met in Jesus someone that moved and inspired them, and they felt compelled to share this feeling and revelation with close friends and family.


What is it about our faith or our relationship with Jesus that we love and want to share with others? How do we share that “Good News”? Are there other ways we can invite others to see and follow and understand and enjoy?


God who is love, bless us all in this Christmas Season and New Year. Help us appreciate the beauty in our world, find You in all things, and deepen our relationship with You. And may our joy and appreciation lead us to share our experience with others as did John and Andrew. Amen.


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