Commentary on the Gospel of

Patricia Soto

The parable of the tenants or how to be responsible leaders


The parable of the tenants was not an easy reading for me. The first time I read it I felt I was getting something but I also felt I was missing something. I then picked up my Bible and read it in my mother tongue, but the feeling was similar. So I read it a couple of more times on the internet (I found a power point presentation for kids about the parable and there is even a YouTube link, that I did not follow) until an interpretation that I think is appropriate today came to my mind: the responsibility of holding a leadership position (or how to avoid being like the tenants who seized the servants).

As we grow in experience, knowledge, understanding and wisdom our community may give us the honor to hold a leadership position: they trust us. We may be responsible of leading a team of 2 members, of 20, of 200 or of 2,000…. In any case, we are responsible of adhering to the strongest ethical and professional standards. And we should be aware that our work is not ours but belongs to the community that entrusted us. And that our work should flow to reflect the mission and vision of those who bestowed us the honor. 

To lead a group of people is challenging. In my personal case, I lead a group of research students and I lead a group of instructors that teaches one of the most attended courses our department offers. I am learning that setting goals and standards is as fundamental as being open to adjustments. I am experiencing difficulties getting the people to the standards I would like to reach and I wonder whether it is me who should improve the leadership style. I, nonetheless, pray before each meeting to be on the right path and to do my best to respond to what I believe I should do to serve well our student community. 

Dear reader, do you feel you hold a leadership position, maybe at home, at work, at church or any other societal group? Do you face any challenge at all? My prayer today is for all of us in leadership roles to receive God’s guidance and wisdom to be the leaders that will articulate groups that produce what is expected from them at the highest quality.


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