Commentary on the Gospel of

Joe Zaborowski

The readings for the day reinforce in myself the purpose of living and how I need to focus my life. The end goal of the beatific vision comes through clearly. I just celebrated my 60th birthday and that has caused some time for reflection. It’s probably the natural reaction many of us have as our lives move along. This reading was certainly timely in my life. Looking toward the future and I received enforcement that the path of following the Lord, I’ve chosen to follow, will yield good fruit if I continue along the path.


The Kingdom of God resonates throughout New Testament reading, the Gospel and the Psalm. Over the years I’ve read many commentaries on the book of Revelations. There usually seems to be an overemphasis on the apocalyptic portions of the book. That’s the reason I find today’s first reading from the Book Revelations comforting. I see in the passages a clear picture of heaven portrayed. The comfort to me is in the assurance of the Kingdom to come. 


The Psalm reading reinforces this in my heart as I am reminded of the Kingdom of God. The call to me is that I need to give thanks for his works, the assurance of his reign forever and the comfort that he is near to those who seek him in truth. In the Gospel reading Christ assures us of the Kingdom being opened up to those who believe. I know by his words this is possible. I found the readings today filled with joyous hope and reassurance. As a result I can easily answer the question “Can anything good come from Nazareth?” The answer is a resounding YES.


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