Commentary on the Gospel of

Bob Whipple, Jr.

Memorial of St. Therese of the Child Jesus

“God is with us.”

In Luke, Jesus rebuked the disciples for wanting to lay waste to a village.


He’s with us, and he loves us.  He doesn’t want to hurt us.  He is with us—every second, every minute—right here in my office, in your home, while you’re at work.  He doesn’t  ignore your problems, he doesn’t care if you’re in a bad mood, he sees through the high days and low days and every day. He is with us.  I can’t make a better interpretation than this: he is with us, even, as the Scriptures tell us, to the end of time.  


Beyond salvation, what better news can there be?


Sol Alano Sol Alano
on 1/10/13
Growing weary about what is happening around the world, knowing that a lot of people are suffering because they are made to suffer, foreign intervention in internal arm conflicts that triggers more violence, and the religious are not spared, they too make others suffer because of their own sufferings and bitterness inside forgetting their vows, and me ... disillusioned, like James and John, can't help but call upon the forces of nature to wash the face of the earth of all that is filthy so everything will be new again! violence! - how many of us are thinking this way? Lord, save us...
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