Commentary on the Gospel of

Tami Whitney

In Ephesians we are told that we are a part of the Christian family. Then in the Gospel Jesus calls his disciples, including Simon and Jude whose feast we celebrate today. And we are part of this family too. We are all called with them. We are called to join our voices with the rest who declare the glory of God in the psalms. We are all part of the big family of creation, and we are part of the smaller Christian family called by Jesus.

We have been called. This is our dwelling place. This is our home, and we are part of creation. In fact, we are creation. And this Christian family is created by our connection and our faith. We are participants. We are citizens. We are part of this family, members of the household. We are not strangers. We belong here. I like this image of a household, a family. We are all in this together and all share responsibility in the household. We are not strangers; this is our dwelling place, where we live. But we also can’t depend on someone else to do everything for us; we have to take responsibility for our part of the smooth running of the household. We are not guests, not travelers, we live here. This is our home and our responsibility.


Like the disciples, we are called to follow. Like the rest of creation, we are called to declare the glory of God. And through our faith and praise and our connection with each other, we create a dwelling place of the spirit. And it is our responsibility to keep that household running smoothly.


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